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Graphic Designers can use our fully customizable business graphics to create and develop business presentations that are engaging, intuitive, and visually explosive! Our business graphics will save you a ton of time and money while making you look like an graphics genius!

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We offer monthly and annual subscription packages that include a variety of different libraries.

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PowerPoint Graphic Library
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PowerPoint Graphic Library
Cutout People Library
Stock Image Library
Icon Library—NEW!
Enterprise Presenters
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Per Team
Annual Savings: Up to 50%
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Great for large teams
Huge asset libraries
PowerPoint Graphic Library
Cutout People Library
Stock Image Library
Icon Library—NEW!

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What Are Customers Say’n?

We did use graphics from your site and wound up winning a very big contract!

Valerie Simone


Was just sitting here struggling with a concept and took a break to flip through your portfolio to see your new work. Lo and behold, I start seeing things that immediately gave me new perspectives on the concept I was grappling with just moments earlier… Thanks for helping defrost my gears.

Ruth Lown Turman

BlueCross BlueShield

The graphics from Get My Graphics have been life savers!!! They have allowed me to be more creative in an area that I didn’t think creativity was possible. In addition, everyone thinks I’m a graphics rock star now! Thanks a million…

Mary Brick


PowerPoint Graphic Library

Access over 9,000 professional presentation graphics for business. Graphics are 100% editable and can export in nearly any software. Our Powerpoint graphics are unbelievably easy to work with.

Save development time

Beginners and experts will love our PowerPoint Templates. 1000’s of pre-built graphics, dashboards, charts and diagrams created natively in PowerPoint empower you to modify and tweak however you’d like. Just add your course content and you’re done. You can also dissect it and use individual pieces and parts. Either way you’ll save tons of time.


Communicate your message

Most communication is done nonverbally. eLearning Brothers knows this, and creates the templates that are best able to get the message across.


Find what you need

Since we cater to a wide variety of industries and markets, we create templates in many different categories and styles. We have over 50 categories to choose from!

Cutout People Library

Access over 25,000 images of characters with multiple poses and emotions. Pre-cutout with transparent backgrounds. Just drag and drop into your project and you’re ready to go!


Save time searching for characters in multiple poses

Find dozens of images of the same character quickly in one place. No need to waste time on stock image sites trying to find the perfect character and hoping that there are multiple poses available.

Give your project personality

Character images add personality to a project. Use cutout people images as narrators, scenario participants, presenters, and more.

Don't waste time clipping out photos

No need to hassle with a photo editing program and remove the characters’ backgrounds. Our photos are already clipped out so that you can drop them right into your project and start building awesomeness.

Stock Image Library

Looking for images and stock assets to use in your project? Our quality selection of 100% royalty free assets are perfect.






Vector Graphics



Vector Graphics

High quality vector graphics…eps files included!

Infographics | Devices | Arrows | Buttons | Icons | Word Clouds | Social | Media | Search All


Stock photos to use in your internal and external courses. Use them in multiple courses…100% royalty free.

Business | Education | Technology | Financial | Health Care | Engineering | Aviation | Retail | Search All

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