You’re probably giving a lot more virtual presentations these days. Whether you’re trying to engage college students or workers, online presentations require a little extra planning and design to make them engaging.

We’re here to help, with new PowerPoint template styles and presentation tips! 

Follow these best practices for delivering engaging PowerPoint presentations:

  1. Use a consistent presentation design
  2. Limit yourself to one topic per slide
  3. Display one sentence or bullet at a time

Consistent Presentation Design 

Your presentation will flow better if you are consistent with your design theme and don’t confuse learners by using different colors and fonts for each slide. However…quit using the included PowerPoint themes that every student or worker has seen a million times. Boring! 

Don’t worry—you don’t have to create a brand new design from scratch. We just added two new PowerPoint template styles to our library that will help you create awesome presentations.

With bright colors and fun graphics, these PowerPoint templates will add a little spring to your step—and your presentations! 

Check out Reef and Roboto, our newest PowerPoint template styles.

These layout templates for Microsoft PowerPoint are great for creating consistent and professional-looking presentations. With multiple layouts, charts, and graphics to choose from, you’re sure to find the right slide to fit the needs of your content and keep your learners engaged. And remember, all assets can be modified to match your branding. Just put in your content and it’s ready to go!

Reef PowerPoint Template Style

reef powerpoint templates from get my graphics

Roboto PowerPoint Template Style

roboto powerpoint templates from get my graphics

One Topic Per Slide

Keep your learners focused and don’t give them the temptation of reading ahead.  Our different layout templates make it easy for you to streamline your content and give each slide its own unique focus.

Display One Sentence or Bullet at a Time

If you’re giving a live presentation, try using our click to reveal templates to reveal content in time with what you’re saying. These are a great way to fit more related content on a slide without causing information overload.

Reef and Roboto are our newest PowerPoint templates, but we have tons more in the PowerPoint Graphics Library!

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