Want to make your ideas more memorable?

Tie them into a graphic metaphor. Challenge your audience to make the connection between two unique concepts and that connection will stay in their long-term memory.

Here are several new graphic metaphors from Get My Graphic.

The Magic 8 Ball
Remember the Magic 8 Ball that contained liquid and a triangular shape with words on its various sides? If you do, then your audience will as well. We created an editable PowerPoint version that is the perfect graphic metaphor for predicting the future of your company or process.


Ladder Graphics
Ladder of success. Climbing the corporate ladder. Getting a boost up the ladder. These are just a few examples of metaphors involving ladders in our everyday idioms. What about using this metaphor visually and showing how your company works higher up on the corporate ladder or how your team can climb up the ladder to success with a new process?


Road Graphics
Are there challenges in your way to reaching your goals? Consider a road graphic, a metaphor that visually depicts a process flow with obstacles like roadblocks or areas where you need to take it slow to ensure better quality.


Eight Ball
Don’t get behind the eight ball. Anyone who plays pool knows that when the ball you need to hit or your cue ball is behind the eight ball that’s a tough or nearly impossible shot. You don’t want to be in that position or else you may lose the game or your turn. That’s why using an eight ball is a great visual metaphor for talking about a tough position for you or your company. Alternatively, since pocketing the eight ball in pool can mean the win, then landing this shot could mean beating out your competition. This is an example of where words and visuals can work together to create two different memorable concepts.