When you download a template or a slide deck from a third party source, you always have the urge and desire to tweak the graphic to fit your specifications. Whether it be a branding issue, or simply to give a graphic your “voice.” GetMyGraphics constantly and consistently builds slide decks and graphics that give you almost endless possibility in how you want them to look. Some of my favorite graphics on the site are the flowery hub and spoke graphics. I will be going through and explaining when and where to use these graphics and what they will add to your presentations.





How and When to Use Them

These Hub and Spoke graphics show relationship and/or structure in a fresh and unique way. This means that you can easily talk about green technology and how it is being used within your company. You can do this by using each petal to represent a different department and the things they are doing to “go green.” You can also change every little thing about these graphics, down to the smallest petal. And don’t forget to animate it! Turn these graphics into a living hub and spoke, make it spring out of the ground like a daisy! The choice is always yours when you download graphics from GetMyGraphics. And lastly, here are some bullet points on what you should be communicating with these types of graphics (flowery hub and spoke).

  • Structure
  • Relationship
  • Interaction
  • Organization
  • Green technology
  • Natural products
  • Nature
  • Environment
  • Environmentally-friendly products or processes
  • Agriculture

Let me know in the comments section below how you use these graphics. Also, go check out a GetMyGraphics survey and answer 3 simple questions that will help us help you better.