Over the past couple months, we’ve gone on a graphic-adding binge here at Get My Graphics. All told we’ve created over 40 new PowerPoint graphics. Take a look at some of the highlights we’ve been working on, as well as a full list of the new batch of templates.



Awesome graphics come so naturally to us, it’s practically in our genes. We have some new varieties of DNA graphics. Depending on your purposes, you could use this graphic as literal model of DNA (just change some colors and add the appropriate labels) or simply as a metaphor for the component parts of a larger concept. The DNA could represent your company while each “rung” on the ladder represents a different aspect or quality of the company. These graphics make for great general overviews before delving into the nitty-gritty of each piece.

Conveyor Belt

conveyor belt

Nothing quite says “industrial” quite like gears and conveyor belts. Our conveyor belt graphics are great at illustrating methods and processes through the apt visual metaphor of factory machinery. Each process is influenced by multiple different elements, each in turn driving the work forward and accomplishing the the task at hand.



This dome graphic shows a visual hierarchy of people, groups, and ideas. Each group answers to the layer below it, while influencing the slice above. Included are several kinds of layers that can be used for various purposes. Many different colors are available to choose from as well as different levels of opacity, evidenced by the second layer from the top. See if you can diagram your company’s hierarchy of leadership with a few simple changes to this PowerPoint template.

 powerpoint_graphics_dna_0026 powerpoint_graphics_dna_0025  powerpoint_graphics_dna_0024
 powerpoint_graphics_dna_0023  powerpoint_graphics_dna_0022 powerpoint_graphics_circle_0021
 powerpoint_graphics_circle_0003_s1  powerpoint_graphics_circle_0002_s1 powerpoint_graphics_circle_0001_s1
 powerpoint_graphics_candlestick_0001_s1  powerpoint_graphics_calendar_0003_s1  powerpoint_graphics_calendar_0002_s1
 powerpoint_graphics_calendar_0001_s1  powerpoint_graphics_bubble_0003_s1  powerpoint_graphics_bubble_0002_s1
 powerpoint_graphics_bubble_0001_s1  powerpoint_graphics_ConveyorBelt_0441  powerpoint_graphics_ConveyorBelt_0440
 powerpoint_graphics_ConveyorBelt_0444 powerpoint_graphics_ConveyorBelt_0443 powerpoint_graphics_ConveyorBelt_0442
powerpoint_graphics_ConveyorBelt_0439  powerpoint_graphics_waterfall_0047  powerpoint_graphics_waterfall_0046
 powerpoint_graphics_waterfall_0045  powerpoint_graphics_waterfall_0044  powerpoint_graphics_waterfall_0043
 powerpoint_graphics_waterfall_0042 powerpoint_graphics_waterfall_0041 powerpoint_graphics_waterfall_0040
 powerpoint_graphics_waterfall_0039 powerpoint_graphics_waterfall_0002 powerpoint_graphics_waterfall_0001
powerpoint_graphics_dome_0004 powerpoint_graphics_dome_0131 powerpoint_graphics_dome_0130
 powerpoint_graphics_dome_0129  powerpoint_graphics_dome_0128  powerpoint_graphics_dome_0127
powerpoint_graphics_dome_0126 powerpoint_graphics_dome_0078